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About me.......

I have always experienced visions and prophetic dreams as a child.  My great grandmother read  tarot cards and her daughter, my grandmother, was very psychic.  This was not an unusual character trait within my family, however, I quickly learned that it was a taboo subject within society at that time.  It wasn't until 1999 that I began to re-visit these gifts and picked up a deck of cards.  I was fortunate enough to train with  and speak with some great teachers over the years.  I worked with Doreen Virtue in 2006 in Laguna Beach, CA when she was still a metaphysical and angel practitioner.  I also worked with Doreen Virtue in Hawaii in 2008 and took her mediumship course in a small class on the ocean.  I was able to meet and speak with Louise Hay when she was alive, and Wayne Dyer when he was alive at a conference in Nevada.  And I  enjoyed a weekend workshop with Brian Weiss in NY. Through a series of trainings, workshops, and retreats, I learned many skills and met many, many teachers and healers and psychics .  I am so grateful for all these experiences and teachers.   Through many trainings and certifications I fine tuned my gifts and became a Reader, an Alternative Counselor, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Kundalini Yoga teacher,  and a healer in general.  I opened a small healing center in New England in 2007.  We ran weekly healing, yoga, classes, trainings, and workshops.   My space changed over the years and then in 2020 I decided to close as my subletters left due to covid and all that came with that.  Over the years, I have read for various websites online, I have read for friends of friends via the phone, zoom, and by email - all by word-of-mouth only.   Locally,  old clients have stopped their cars if they see me walking, to ask for a reading.  Some have reached out from mutual friends.  Energetically, I always attracted clients and never stopped reading for family and friends. I no longer read at large fairs, or metaphysical stores, or conferences.  For years, I have only read from the comfort of my own home, and it has brought me great joy.   As the requests have increased over the years, and as my life has simplified, I have decided to make a more permanent online presence and dedicate all my time to this wonderful practice. This website will act as a place to fulfill all these healing modalities from my sacred space at home,  where life is peaceful and energies are clear.  Thank you for visiting and I hope to speak with you soon.  Much Love, Dairinn.

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