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Healing Therapy


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Tarot and Angel Card Readings

Looking at your current situation and future possibilities from a Divine  perspective

The cards, for me, are merely a way to get the energy moving, as messages can come in many different ways.  I can read tarot or angel cards if you have a preference, typically I use a combination of both.   Call me anytime, day or night, and If I am available to read, I will offer an on the spot reading for you.  I use a phone service that protects both our phone numbers and charges you independently @ $2 a minute.  I have used this service on many different websites and for many years and trust them completely.  If you would rather schedule an appointment, you may do that also through the service.  

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Reiki Therapy

Distance Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing

Reiki is universal life force energy.  It exists everywhere. and we all possess it.  When a healer becomes certified as a reiki practitioner at any level, they are attuned with symbols and intentions that come down from a lineage that leads to the founder of Reiki, Dr Usui.  Now, the practitioner becomes a vehicle for which that energy is targeted towards your own personal healing.   I work with Usui Reiki and work with the distance symbols as well as a proxy object that through this universal energy, I am able to detect blockages and send you energy where needed.  Reiki is the most gently of all modalities and it is very effective.  Reiki can be used to help with any physical or emotional block.  Reiki can be used simply for relaxation or as a supplement to medical treatment for a specific ailment.  As always, consult your physician and use Reiki as a way to help you in addition to other forms of medicine and healing.  Reiki is currently used across the world in hospitals and trauma centers.  Reiki is a wonderful way to bring your body and mind more peace and rid anxiety and fear in the most gentle way.

Reiki Therapy
Healing Stones

Distance Chakra Clearing and Cord Cutting

Cleansing and Healing

We all have energy centers around our body and this consists of many chakras.  The chakras we are most familiar with are the seven sacred chakras that run down the center of our bodies.  These energy centers all align with specific  aspects of your life.  Your Root chakra coincides with your sense of security and home-life.  Your Sacral Chakra aligns with your sexuality and body image.  Your Solar Plexus or Power Chakra aligns with your ability to feel empowered, Your Heart Chakra aligns with so much! - mostly where your sense of love and trust are stored in terms of f all relationships.  Your Throat Chakra coincides with your ability to speak your truth and advocate for yourself,.  Your Third-eye Chakra aligns with your ability to see or understand a situation from an intuitive perspective.   And your Crown Chakra works with your ability to connect to Source or the Divine. 

Your chakras should be large and clear and look like beautiful spinning wheels of color.  Each chakra is associated with a color.  When those areas of your life are blocked in any way, this can affect your chakras and when your chakras are not functionally fully and clearly, this can affect those aspects of your life.  I will guide you through a chakra clearing.  In this session, I will also assist you in cutting etheric cords of energy that no longer serve you.

All sessions are $2 a minute and all distance.  You may book online if I am not available or you may call now....

Metaphysical Coaching


Metaphysics is so simple yet so difficult to concisely define. Simply put , it means above or outside of the physical.   To me, it is the study of energy.  This is science.  Energy is everywhere and we run through our lives without harnessing it.  We have all heard of manifestation- that occurs when we correctly use the energy that is there for us to use.  Metaphysics is a way to purge your life of all that is not serving you well.  It is also and most importantly, a way to bring in that which does serve you well or sever you best.  I will help you to understand the scientific principles behind this energy and teach you how to harness it and use it to your highest advantage.

You may book an appointment for any amount of time or call now if I am available.

Psychic Ritual
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